What I got for Christmas 2017 

Hi guys!

So I’m going to be sharing with you what I got for Christmas! This is one of my favourite videos and blogs and I always look forward to them after Christmas. I’m of course not trying to brag or anything like that, I find it really fun and is exciting to see what others get for Christmas from their loved ones. If you don’t enjoy them, please keep in mind other people do and so do I and that’s the main reason why I do them.

Now that we got the awkward but needed disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started! For those who follow me on instagram @wonderofsomething , you have already seen the way my boyfriend boxed my gifts this Christmas. I absolutely loved it and I’m heartbroken that we have to take the box apart to make space in his room. 

He went crazy this year. He has already warned me that this will probably be the only time he goes this big, and I’m absolutely okay with that. I never expected him to go this crazy but he says he’s making up for our past Christmases when be wasn’t able to get me much, he didn’t have to do this of course but he’s amazing and he wanted to. 

First, he got me an eye mask which is so cute and comfy. A Tina shirt and underwear, two pairs of cozy leggings, and tools to help me cut my hair at home, a kindom hearts pop figure (not pictured)

A one piece bathing suit that almost looks like a dress, nail files, a bunch of lip balm of different flavours,  a bunch of candy, leggings and a top to work out. 

He got me 3 blankets because I live in them. Two super cute and warm cozy slippers, 2 Pj pants. 

Blocks for yoga, resistance bands, a weight vest and pilates rowing. I’m so excited to use all of this to work out! 

A cooking book with lots of healthy recipes, two books by one of my favourite writers Joy Fielding! And a book he loved when he was a kid for me to read, The Tripods. He also got me Taylor Swift’s album Red in Vinyl, which is her last album I like. I’m not crazy about her new music other than a few songs. 

He got me 3 mugs cause he knows I love tea. One of them is from someone at work, I actually got two from work but one isn’t in the picture. 

And a whole bunch of scratch ticktes. I love love these things lol so I was super excited to get them.

Both his parents got me a freaking sewing machine! I am so excited for this! I can finally do all the sewing projects I’ve been wanting to do but by hand would take me forever. 

From my brother I got a Sephora gift card which I’m excited to use. We also got a gift card from my extended family secret Santa to The Keg. My parents got me a new purse for work. I needed a new one so bad! This one is huge! I have to get used to it, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a bag this big. I can fit a million things in it! It’s awesome! 

Believe it or not, my boyfriend got me tons of bath and body items which I will show in a different post. There are so many so I figured I’ll do a seperate post as a haul haha I’m so lucky to have been spoiled like this by him and also by my family. I had a wonderful Christmas spending time with my loved ones. 

Thank you guys for reading! If you have posted one of this or are planning to please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to check them out! 


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