Makeup Look

Hi everyone! 

I wanted to quickly share my makeup look from yesterday. My boyfriend and I decided to go downtown Toronto to watch a movie, “My friend Dahmer”. They were only playing it in selected theaters. We have watched documentaries about Dahmer and we were intrigued about the movie, so we planned on watching it in Toronto. To be honest we hate going to the city, the traffic is awful and it’s so busy, expensive and overwhelming, but we thought to just go and have fun. The way there wasn’t so bad, although we encountered tons of terrible drivers, but the way back was a nightmare; we thought we would never be back home. We were in traffic for about 2.5 hours and weren’t even out of the city yet, so we drove for about about hour after that and we thought numerous times that we would witness a crash, it was so stressing. It might not sound bad if you’re used to it, but we live about 1.5 hours north from the city so it’s much more calm here. I think it will be a while until we plan on making another trip down there. 

Anyways, let’s talk about my makeup. 

Eyes: For my eye look, I used a brown eyeshadow from the Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette pretty much all over the lid. Then I used a Colourpop super shock eyeshadow in the shade Fluffy . I am obsessed with this eyeshadow and have been wearing it so much. I wore the Lash princess mascara by Essence and I used the make me brow gel mascara also by Essence to keep my brows in place.

Face: I wore my usual #instaready BB cream by Physicians Formula, perfect finish HD powder by Elf and Tarte clay blush in the shade Paaarty and sealed it all up with my Sephora setting spray. 

Lips: I used my Essence lip liner in the shade Satin Mauve and a Colourpop matte liquid lipstick in the shade beeper.

Thank you guys for reading and have a great weekend! 


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