Birthday Haul! 

Hi guys! 

I thought it’d be fun to post a birthday haul this year. I really enjoy watching “What I got for my birthday” videos on youtube and reading posts here as well. I’m obviously not trying to brag or anything, I just thought there might be others out there who enjoy posts like this as much as I do. But enough of my desclaimer, let’s get started

First, my brother was nice enough to ask me what I needed. It didn’t take me too long to decide on a new makeup storage drawer. I got one years ago from amazon, when I didn’t have a lot of makeup. I honestly never thought I’d be getting another one in the future, but I’ve purchased and tried so much since then and I needed more storage space. I’m so glad he got this for me, it looks much more organized now and I have even more space to keep trying new things. 

My brother also got me loose tea and a travel Mug from David’s tea. My family loves tea, we all drink tea every single day. I’ve been taking my travel mug for hot drinks but it’s been really hot and humid lately. This new travel mug is perfect for the summer since is specifically to make iced tea. The loose tea flavours are also super yummy.

My boyfriend went crazy this year with the presents. He just graduated school and is working full time as a psw for now. He’s been in school since we started dating so he’s always been short on money and got me simple gifts, I of course always apprecisted that he even thought about getting me something. Last year he went all DIY and I loved it! But like I said he wanted to really go nuts, I was totally spoiled this year. 

He got me this amazing furniture set for my bedroom. The ones I had were old,we got them from garage sales years ago, my drawers were broken and the furniture was stained. He’s been wanting to get me new ones pretty much since the first time he saw my room. We went in to this second hand furniture store to look for a freezer and when he saw this set, he was so excited and decided to get it for me. They were about $140 CAD for both, so it was an amazing deal and I absolutely love them! My room looks so much better and I have tons of space for my clothes. Honestly visit places like this if you’re looking for furniture, you never know what you can find.

He also got me two beautiful tea candle holders. They look so beautiful when they are in the dark, they help me relax and make my room feel cozy. 

And he got me a really cool book. He gets me books every year and I love that. We both enjoy to read so I like when he picks a book he thinks I might enjoy, I like mystery and crime books but I also enjoy silly fun books.

He got me a face scrub, I’ve never tried this brand before but it smells so good. And he also got me a face mask from amazon, I haven’t tried it yet but I will most likely write a review on it since most reviews on amazon were good but I’m excited to try it myself. 

And my mom took me shopping for my gift. I really enjoy doing this since I can pick something I want and I get to go out and spend time with her. We went to a bunch of different stores, looked around and had a good time. She ended up getting me a cute top from bluenotes, and just as we were leaving, I saw this new jewelry store they recently opened and wanted to check it out. They had tons of cute little pieces, my mom got me a beautiful ring and a bracelet, I absolutely love them. 

And that’s it! I got so spoiled this year and I’m so grateful for everything I got and the time I got to spend with my family. I’m lucky that I get to spend every birthday with my loved ones, as I know not everyone gets that opportunity. I look forward to this new year of life and hoping it’s a good one! 

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you have a great weekend! 


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