I have moved to wordpress.org!

Hello everyone! 

I have moved to wordpress.org 

Thank you for following me on my wordpress.com site, as I mentioned before, I wanted to take blogging ,seriously and I think the step necessary was to move to wordpress.org. Anyone that was following the .com site has been moved to the new site. Please check My new site I have change the domain from wonderofsomethingcurvy to wonderofbeautyandcurves as I felt it was more appropriate for my blog. If you’d like to keep up with my posts please subscribe to the new site. Thank you and I hope to see you there! 


Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette Dramatic Look

Hi everyone! 

I’ve been enjoying playing with the Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette. I used it so much in the month of December and I’m continuing to use it in January. I have created tons of very subtle and natural looks, but wanted to create a more dramatic look today, or at least what I’d consider dramatic. 

Face: I’m wearing the Maybelline better skin foundation in the shade Classic Ivory, Sephora concealer in the shade Eclair, Elf HD translucent setting powder. I’m wearing contour and blush from the Tartelette contour palette volume 11, and Tarte Rainforest of the sea setting spray. 

Eyes: Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition palette, Essence The False Lashed Mascara, Eyeliner, Essence brow me in the shade browny brows.  

Lips: Lip liner by Essence in in the shade Red Blush , and Colourpop Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Avenue. 

You can create so many looks with this palette and Id recommend anyone to add it to their collection.I’ll continue to play with it and will share some of the looks. Have you tried this palette? 

 Thank you guys for reading! Have a good weekend! 

Makeup Haul – Colourpop  

Hi guys! 

I finally received my order from colorpop. I ordered early December, hoping that I would have some of these items in time for the holidays , but it took much longer than I thought. This time wasn’t asked to pay customs, not really sure why, but I won’t complain about it. I was excited when they came to Sephora but they mostly have bundles and limited products which is disappointing, so I still prefer to purchase from their website. Colourpop has become one of my favourite brands ever, they have tons of products for great prices. I was excited to order a couple of new products from them. 

First, I ordered a super shock cheek blush in the shade Birthday Suit. I am obsessed with the two shades I have, I like the creamy consistency and they last all day.

For reference, I have the shades Aphrodisiac, which is pretty dark and I have to apply a lot of it so it can be seen, I don’t plan on repurchasing this one when I run out for that reason but I do enjoy how it looks. Cruel Intentions though is beautiful, I only apply a little bit of it and would repurchase it. So far I am loving Birthday Suit as well, it’s a beautiful light pink. Ever time I buy a blush, I just want to buy another one. They’re so beautiful and I want to try every shade lol

I also purchased their new concealer. It was tricky trying to figure out which one would work for me. I went for the shade Medium tan. It’s pretty much the colour of my skin, so if after testing it out, I end up loving it I’d repurchase a shade lighter. I’ll be posting a review once I try it for some time.

Since I love their super shock blushes, I was curious to try their cream highlighters as well. I purchased the shade Smoke N Whistles. It looks intense, I’m not too into blinding highlighters so I hope that it’ll be easy to blend in to soften the look. 

I purchased 4 super shock shadows. I went crazy during the holidays for their super shock shadow in the shade Fluffy from their Sephora collection, so I wanted to try more shades. So far I think my favourites are the shimmer to metallic shades. The consistency is the same as the blushes which I enjoy. 

I ordered one of their new super nova liquid shadows in the shade Walk of Fame. I’m looking forward to trying this product. I think it’s going to be a little tricky and messy to apply but we will see. It’s such a pretty shade, and I thought it’d be perfect to wear for the holidays. 

I also had to purchase more of their liquid lipsticks. This is pretty much all I wear on my lips ever since I tried them a while ago. I love every single shade I have, but of course I have my go tos. Just as the super shock blushes, I buy new shades and fall in love with them and I just want to keep trying more haha I will do a separate post to show what the shades look like on my skin tone for your reference. Check my Colourpop Swatches & Looks 

And that’s it! I’m so excited to try new products and shades from Colourpop. 

Check my First Colourpop haul! Or my Second Colourpop haul!

 Thank you guys for reading! Have you tried colourpop? What is your favourite product? 

New Years Resolutions for 2018! 

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to share my new years resolution. I used to have resolutions for the new year every year when I was younger but I think it’s been a few years since I’ve set goals for myself for the year. I figured I should do it to have some motivation for changes or improvements throughout the year. They are just hard to stick to, I feel like I start the year following my goals and then I forget about them lol but I will try to stick to them as long as I can, plus I have ones that I really do want to accomplish.

  • Eat healthy and exercise more: Honestly we don’t eat a lot of junk food, but our main weakness is sweets. I think I’m better than my boyfriend at not buying them and staying away from them. But he buys me chocolates or desserts cause he knows I love them and so does he but that isn’t very helpful when I try to eat healthy. I have been exercising more and have lost about 8 pounds so I plan to keep it up this new year, and even if I don’t lose more weight, I just want to feel better and have more energy. 
  • Meet people and make friends: Okay, this one is difficult. It’s hard to make new friends now. I only really talk to people at work but I’m not close enough to hang out outside work. Other than that, I don’t have any other place where I could meet people. When I was in high school, I had tons of friends but lost contact with them when we all went to different colleges and universities. I slowly lost contact with old coworkers than I used to hang out with and now I find myself having no friends. It’s not as bad as you’d think, but I do get bored and lonely sometimes, so it’d be nice to have a small group of friends to talk to and hang out with. 
  • Keep up with blogging: I first started blogging in 2013, but I wasn’t consistent and only blogged when I was bored. I tried to do it often but always found myself lacking ideas. I even went to only blogging twice or three times in one year, 2015, I believe. I decided to start blogging again in July of last year and have been much more consistent. I am planning to keep up with it as I do enjoy it. It’s something I look forward to, specially cause it keeps me busy and interacting with others. 
  • Read more: I remember when I was young and I would stay up all night reading. Later on when I was 16 and moved to Canada, I had to learn the new language so reading wasn’t something I enjoyed much as it seemed like a chore to me. After I learned the language and was more comfortable, I picked up reading as it was easier and went back to enjoying it. I’m not sure why I stopped, for the last few years I’ve only been reading a couple of books per year which is awful. In this new year I want to go back to loving books, so far I’m doing good. I’m reading Finders Keepers by Stephen King and I am enjoying it.

    Those are my main goals for the year. I hope to travel around Canada this year, go for more walks and keep up with my hobbies such as makeup, knitting and baking. I am looking forward to what’s to come in the new year, I hope that this will be a great year for me, for my loved ones, and for all of you guys. Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you have posted your new years resolution, I’d love to check it out. 

    Favourites of 2017! 

    Hi everyone and happy new year! 

    I hope that everything is going well so far and that your year has started in the best way possible. I’ve been sick since new years eve but have finally started to feel a little better today. I figured that I’d start my blog this year with all of my favourites of 2017!


    It was hard to pick only a few things for my beauty favourites of 2017 as I tried lots of new products and enjoyed many of them. I I was able to narrow it down and pick ones that I use the most. 

    The Tartelette in Bloom Clay palette by Tarte was my very first hight end eyeshadow palette ever at the beginning of 2017. My brother gave me a sephora gift card for Christmas and this is what I bought. I’ve used this so many times throughout the year. It was a great palette to start as you can create so many different looks, is easy to blend and the colors are suitable for every day looks. I still love this palette and I’d recommend everyone to try it. I like that it still looks great even though I’ve used it tons. 

    This BB tinted primer by Tarte was one of my favourite bb creams this year. I wear it every day when I’m off work and I don’t want to wear my regular bb cream. This one is lighter and light coverage, it evens my skin tone and makes my skin look healthy and natural. I apply it with my fingers so it’s quick and easy. You only need a little bit so this will probably last me all year. 

    I bought this brushes by BH cosmetics later in the year but they are the best drug store brushes I have tried. They are soft and best of all they don’t shed at all, which happened to all brushes I tried over the years. I use a rubber makeup brush scrub to clean them properly (pictured above) it’s in a heart shape from Amazon, which is so handy and is much easier to clean them properly.

    This Tarte blush in the shade Paaarty is one of the ones I’ve worn non stop since I got it from Sephora for my free birthday gift. Just like the Tartelette palette, it still looks great even though it’s been used tons. The Colourpop super shock blush in Cruel Intentions is also one I’ve been using so much. I pretty much alternate between these two blushes and they are definitely my favourites. 

     I finally got to try he brand Colourpop this year. I love their eyeshadows and blushes but my favourite purchase from them has been their liquid lipsticks. I wear them almost every day, they stay on all day and are easy to apply. My favourite shades are Beeper, Tulle, Avenue and Time Squeare. Check my Colourpop Swatches & Looks to see all the shades I have. 

    I use the Essence lip liners to line my lips before applying the Colourpop liquid lipsticks. They are super affordable, they are creamy and long lasting. They have made applying lipsticks much easier and makes lipstick application looks better. 

    The Origins clear improvement charcoal mask is something I use pretty much every night and I am so glad I discovered it. I struggle with breakouts and applying this overnight helps to get rid of them quickly. Check my review of it. 

    I love this Soap & Glory body wash. It smells amazing, and it leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. I used to think it was overpriced but was I tried it, I fell in love with it. It’s totally worth the price. 


    My absolute favourite nail polish of 2017 was the Kiely Sinful colors in the shade Kreme de la kreme. I wore in so many occasions throughout the year and I still love it. I will definitely repurchase it when I run out. 


    These bracelets were gifts from my mom and my boyfriend, the ring is also from my mom. I wore them so much and they still are my favourite jewelry to wear. 

    I haven’t had these earing for very long but I love them. I wear them every other day to alternate with my other favourite ones that I’ve had for years. 

    One f my favourite things this year was our record player. We’ve enjoyed going to different shops and fairs to find new vinyl records to expand our collection. My boyfriend has more metal and rock music and I have classics like Frank Sinatra, Niel Dimond and various others but we still enjoy each others music. I love sitting down to knit or read a book and play our records. 

    My new furniture my boyfriend got me for my birthday is definitely making this list. I love the look of it, they have so much room and it just makes my room look more put together. Check my What I Got for My Birthday post. 

    And that’s it! I had so many things I loved on 2017 and I’m sure some of these things will be loved in 2018 but I look forward to finding new things to enjoy. Please let me know if you have posted your 2017 favourites, I’d love to check them out. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend! 

    Dirty Works Bath and Body Haul! 

    Hi guys!

    Today I’m going to share wih you all my new bath and body products by Dirty Works. I found this brand at Winners, I’m not sure if they are sold in other stores in Canada and if or where they are sold in the States. I first tried their face wash thinking it was Soap and Glory, and later realized that it was a different brand but similar packaging. I enjoy this brand and everything I have tried so far. These are all products my boyfriend got me for Christmas and I’m so excited to try them all. Let’s get started! 


    Burts Bees facial cleansing wipes, I’ve never tried anything by this brand, and that’s exactly the reason why he wanted to get something by them, so I could try it.  Face wipes by Dirty works. These are both makeup removers so that’s awesome. 

    He knows I love face masks and face wash so he got me sheet masks, two different face masks and face wash. That’s actually the one I have tried by them which I really like. It’s not makeup remover and that’s why I use face wipes before I wash my face. 

    Body butter/lotion: 

    I got 4 little pots of body butters, this is perfect as I can take them with me. I always need to carry hand cream with me or my dry hands drive me crazy. One of them is inside a set you will see later. 

    Two more hand creams,  3 body lotions, and foot butter. 

    4 pots of body butter. It’s safe to say I won’t have to worry about dry skin this winter and this will probably lasts me up until next winter. But who knows, I love applying cream all over after a shower so with all of the body lotions and body butters, I’m set for a while. 

    Body wash/Scrubs:

    He got me a new body wash by soap and glory. He gave me one last year for Christmas and I loved it. And 4 body scrubs, I tried the one in the pot and it’s awesome so I’m happy to get it and I’m excited to try the other ones.

    One set for foot care and a shower set. It has a bath soak which I’m hoping to use as body wash since I don’t take baths. I wish I could, but we use the tub as a shower so it seems unsanitary to me to take baths in it. If we had a separate shower, I would totally be into baths. 


    I love putting coconut oil in the hair before bed and washing it the next day. So I’m so happy to get these two litter pots. 

    And that’s finally it! I can’t believe how much stuff he got me this year. I am so lucky to have been spoiled like this, and I appreciate how much thought and work he put into it. As I mentioned in my last post, he was making up for not being able to give me much past years, which he didn’t have do but he so wanted to, I’m so lucky! 

    Check my What I Got for Christmas 2017 post. 

    Thank you guys for reading! Have a great weekend! xx oh and happy new year! 

    What I got for Christmas 2017 

    Hi guys!

    So I’m going to be sharing with you what I got for Christmas! This is one of my favourite videos and blogs and I always look forward to them after Christmas. I’m of course not trying to brag or anything like that, I find it really fun and is exciting to see what others get for Christmas from their loved ones. If you don’t enjoy them, please keep in mind other people do and so do I and that’s the main reason why I do them.

    Now that we got the awkward but needed disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started! For those who follow me on instagram @wonderofsomething , you have already seen the way my boyfriend boxed my gifts this Christmas. I absolutely loved it and I’m heartbroken that we have to take the box apart to make space in his room. 

    He went crazy this year. He has already warned me that this will probably be the only time he goes this big, and I’m absolutely okay with that. I never expected him to go this crazy but he says he’s making up for our past Christmases when be wasn’t able to get me much, he didn’t have to do this of course but he’s amazing and he wanted to. 

    First, he got me an eye mask which is so cute and comfy. A Tina shirt and underwear, two pairs of cozy leggings, and tools to help me cut my hair at home, a kindom hearts pop figure (not pictured)

    A one piece bathing suit that almost looks like a dress, nail files, a bunch of lip balm of different flavours,  a bunch of candy, leggings and a top to work out. 

    He got me 3 blankets because I live in them. Two super cute and warm cozy slippers, 2 Pj pants. 

    Blocks for yoga, resistance bands, a weight vest and pilates rowing. I’m so excited to use all of this to work out! 

    A cooking book with lots of healthy recipes, two books by one of my favourite writers Joy Fielding! And a book he loved when he was a kid for me to read, The Tripods. He also got me Taylor Swift’s album Red in Vinyl, which is her last album I like. I’m not crazy about her new music other than a few songs. 

    He got me 3 mugs cause he knows I love tea. One of them is from someone at work, I actually got two from work but one isn’t in the picture. 

    And a whole bunch of scratch ticktes. I love love these things lol so I was super excited to get them.

    Both his parents got me a freaking sewing machine! I am so excited for this! I can finally do all the sewing projects I’ve been wanting to do but by hand would take me forever. 

    From my brother I got a Sephora gift card which I’m excited to use. We also got a gift card from my extended family secret Santa to The Keg. My parents got me a new purse for work. I needed a new one so bad! This one is huge! I have to get used to it, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a bag this big. I can fit a million things in it! It’s awesome! 

    Believe it or not, my boyfriend got me tons of bath and body items which I will show in a different post. There are so many so I figured I’ll do a seperate post as a haul haha I’m so lucky to have been spoiled like this by him and also by my family. I had a wonderful Christmas spending time with my loved ones. 

    Thank you guys for reading! If you have posted one of this or are planning to please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to check them out!